Why Us? 

With a ton of attractants on the market it is hard to decide which product works and what is just a gimmick.

We have been on the market for over 10 years and have helped countless hunters bring deer in close.  The videos and testimonials are 100% real and they speak for themselves.  Buck Blitz was tested on 100% free range deer.  We would love to earn your business.  No gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors, just a great product doing what it's suppose to do.

“Buck Blitz is the first deer attractant/protein supplement that really worked. Deer will simply devour it and will come back looking for more long after it’s gone. Put a pile of it out one day…it will be gone the next!”
-Dean Anderson, Whitetail Properties Agent, Okmulgee, OK

"I have seen Buck Blitz work time and time again.  Our guys who film for us in states where baiting is legal have all had the same results.  We have had bucks leave does in the rut to stop and eat it and had 180" deer come out in 85 degree weather to eat on it!  If you're not using it then you better hope your neighbors not. 
-Brad Clay, Final Descent Outdoors

“Buck Blitz, this product is amazing. I’ve not used a better deer attractant that has this kind of great smell…this stuff simply draws them in time and time again. I fill my gravity feeders with Buck Blitz attractant and it disappears.”
- Dennis R. (Oklahoma)

“Whether hunting large green fields or thick oak wood lots I use Buck Blitz. It not only draws more deer to my hunting area but I can actually change their travel patterns to my favor. Use it and I guarantee your neighboring hunters will wonder where all their deer have gone.”
- Michael B. (Oklahoma)

“I’ve had other deer attractants out and they walk right by to get to the Buck Blitz. Nothing compares.”
- Craig H.

“I got a 30 gallon corn feeder 15 yards from my Buck Blitz feeder. They both have trail cameras on them and the deer are going to the tube feeder with the Buck Blitz every single time.”
- Kenny H.

“This is the best attractant I have ever used….by far. We have experimented in open shinnery fields with no signs of deer and no reason for deer to come through. Over the next few days our field cameras caught over 300 pictures of deer coming to the BUCK BLITZ Attractant. One picture with 5 large trophy bucks fighting over the feed.”
- Jimmy H. (Oklahoma)


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